listing-review for: 3935 Darley Boulder , Boulder, CO

There are only four of these models built in Table Mesa, all built by Cline Construction circa 1963.  If you ask me, it’s probably a good thing that he only built 4 of these models…  3830 Darley was one of them and sold for 535K on 10/7/2015. While I like the breezeway connecting the detached 1-car garage, I must admit I am not crazy about the elevation of this particular model.  Curb appeal is lacking.  The house may be newly remodeled, but last time I went there there was trash scattered around.  This house initially came on the market on 5/18/16 but was withdrawn a week later.  I saw it pre-remodel and couldn’t run away fast enough because the walls of the bedrooms and rec room were black (from mold?) and the house looked pretty scary.  3 months, a quick remodel and 50K later, the house now looks habitable though the finishes scream Home Depot!.