listing-review for: 1330 Knox Drive , Boulder, CO

Beautiful views are hard to price but I doubt that this house will sell for its near million dollars asking price.  Had the sellers had made more of an effort to prepare the house for sale by depersonalizing, sprucing house up for sale, or even cleaning, it might be a different story… This house has a hippish feel to it so it limits the number of  buyers it appeals to.  One is welcome by driftwood and an electic collection of paraphenelia more fitted to a California beach house than Table Mesa.  Front door opens to lower level, and one has to go upstairs to living area/kitchen.  Kitchen and living space were open and would have felt welcoming had it not been for an offensive smell of rotten food smell emanating from ?  I had to rush out of there!  I liked the master bedroom suite.  Overall the bedrooms configuration/floorplan seem to have been created to specifically fit this family and will accommodate teenagers better than younger children.  The yard is a disaster ruled by a few chickens who seem to have taken over.  In summary, too expensive for the work it needs still.